Tuition & Workshops

I am currently offering beginners classes in watercolour and/or acrylics. These are either one-to-one or (small) group-based workshops.

Watercolour/Acrylic Painting For Beginners

  1. Choosing a subject
  2. Planning your picture
  3. Stretching paper
  4. Mixing colours
  5. Applying a wash
  6. Techniques: Wet in wet, Dry brush, Glazing
  7. Pen & wash

This course aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of painting using water based media. We’ll cover how to prepare materials and plan a painting. We’ll explore various techniques and work through to a finished painting, finishing with mounting and framing ideas & advice.

Introductory assessment £35
Classes £75 per 2hrs

Workshop course (Three Weeks) – Perspective in the Landscape

Are you a beginner or intermediate artist who who wants to discover new horizons? Would you like a better understanding of how to create an impression of distance and scale in your work?

This class aims to introduce you to the fundamentals of perspective drawing as an aid to planning and painting more convincing landscapes and cityscapes. We’ll cover how to establish composition, proportions, horizons, eye level and vanishing points. We’ll also explore the power of aerial perspective and how colour choice can be used to focus the eye on important elements. With these foundations established, we’ll break free of the theory and discover a freedom beyond.

Week 1

Laying the foundations

We’ll begin with a brief demo of how to plan a landscape from a source picture (or from life), where I’ll explain as I go, and invite questions. Then you will have an opportunity to use what you’ve learnt to plan your picture, preferably from your own source.

Next, well return to a demo where we’ll explore how to use the plan or drawing to get painting and stay on track as the work progresses.

Week 2

Building on a plan

Following on from our plan, we’ll start painting, totally relying on our plans and drawings. After a brief demo from me, we will explore how to correct and adjust, and fill in or leave out detail we may have missed on our plan.

We will also explore how to paint more decisively from a plan, to avoid mistakes and create impact.

Week 3

Finishing our painting. ‘Listening’ to the work.

We’ll begin by assessing the strengths and weaknesses of our work so far and decide what, if anything, needs changing. We’ll identify the discoveries and revelations we’ve observed as the painting has developed and either adopt or dismiss elements as appropriate. Care will be taken to finish the painting whilst avoiding over working.

These classes will suit beginners who want to learn solid foundation skills in perspective drawing and experienced painters who feel the need to consolidate their basic drawing skills or gain confidence in order to advance their painting.


Basic paint colours and brushes will be provided, but please bring your own if possible. Also required are paper, board or canvas.

Classes are limited to a maximum of 4 people in my home studio. This will ensure we have plenty of space, and also plenty of attention for each artist. We will hold the classes on Wednesday & Thursday mornings 10am-1pm. Coffee & biscuits provided.

£50 per person per class. Course of 3 £120.

Tell me briefly about you, your preferred medium, style, subject matter, and art background, if any.