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My membership of the Tadworth Art Group

Tadworth Art Group is my local art society, and I have been an exhibiting member with this illustrious group since 2017. During this time I have been fortunate to make many new friends amongst the very talented group and I have gained a huge amount from working and exhibiting alongside them. Some of the high points for me personally have been winning the ‘peoples’ vote’ in May 2019 (for Morning Mist). In the same exhibition I won the Pullinger’s (Art shop) prize for best painting in show (Heat). In the following exhibition I won a prize for ‘painting with impact’ (for Edgy).

'Heat' - winner of Pullinger's prize for best painting in show at Tadworth Art Group exhibition 2018

'Edgy' - Acrylic on board by Joe Norris - - winner of painting with impact at Tadworth Art Group exhibition 2019


'Morning Mist' - Acrylic on board by Joe Norris - winner of peoples' vote at Tadworth Art Group exhibition 2018

Morning Mist

Tadworth Art Group is a highly regarded local art society and won the runner up prize in 2018 for best art society in the UK. I am particularly proud to have been accepted into this somewhat exclusive group, who limit membership to around thirty five artists. As a group we are proud to sell over 20% of all exhibits in our shows. The group’s unofficial motto is ‘quality over quantity’, but despite this, we exhibit well over 200 paintings at each of our shows.

The group meets each week for lively and convivial painting evenings, and enjoy regular demos and workshops given by respected artists. Members are encouraged to engage and contribute at a personal and practical level to the group. A recent initiative invites members to give a short demo to their peers, whereby techniques and skills can be shared and discussed. I was pleased to give the first of these recently, demonstrating my one-stroke brush technique. The demo was a success, and allowed me to gain first hand experience of communicating my own methods in an organised way, or at least, that was my intention!

The Tadworth Art Group website tadworthartgroup.com gives details of exhibition dates and recent works produced by the membership.

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